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Best Practices to Protect Email for Healthcare Organizations

By Brad Wyro posted in Email Gateway, Email Privacy, Hosted Email, Health Care


As long as healthcare organizations continue to use email, cybercriminals will find new ways to exploit security gaps, software bugs, and basic human nature to extort millions of dollars from their victims. In just the first six months of this year, Becker’s Hospital Review has noted more than 65 separate incidents of malware, ransomware and phishing attacks on healthcare providers, ranging from Alaska and Hawaii to Florida and Maine. These attacks affected more than 1.14 million patient records in just the cases that released statistics; the true number of those affected is much higher. While one-third of these attacks are specifically noted as being email-related, again, the true number is likely much higher.

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Announcing MDaemon 19.5 – With Redesigned Mobile Webmail & More!

By Brad Wyro posted in Product Update, MDaemon, Product Updates, Hosted Email, Mail Server, New Version, Email Server



The news is out. There’s a new version of MDaemon Email Server, with new features and improvements to benefit both administrators and end-users alike!


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