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Alt-N Technologies is Renamed MDaemon Technologies

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New Name to Leverage Global Brand Equity of Company’s Flagship Email Server



Grapevine, TX (USA) January 2, 2018 Alt-N Technologies announced today that, effective immediately, the Company’s legal name will be MDaemon Technologies, and that it will begin doing business under the new company name.

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MDaemon's Dynamic Screening Blocks Hackers from Guessing Passwords

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If you have an email account (and in 2017, you probably have more than one), you are a target. More specifically, your email password is a target and a coveted prize for hackers. And let’s face it – hackers are not going away anytime soon. Because the barriers to entry are so low and the potential payoffs so large, hackers are more motivated than ever to try to steal your login credentials. As an MDaemon administrator, you are tasked with making sure your users use strong passwords, but here are a few things to consider when evaluating your password & security policies:

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