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Security Gateway 6.5 - Improved Attachment Handling & Database Support

By Brad Wyro posted in Product Update, Product Updates, SecurityGateway, Software Update, New Version


If you're in charge of managing your company's email, whether you're running an in-house Exchange server or Office 365, you've certainly become all too familiar with the latest threats posed by cybercriminals - threats that go far beyond the old-school Nigerian Prince email scam that has become the brunt of jokes over the past couple of decades. So if protecting your employees from email-borne scams is important to you & your business, a secure email gateway to protect against phishing, malware, data leaks and other threats would be a sound investment.


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Announcing MDaemon 19.5 – With Redesigned Mobile Webmail & More!

By Brad Wyro posted in Product Update, MDaemon, Product Updates, Hosted Email, Mail Server, New Version, Email Server



The news is out. There’s a new version of MDaemon Email Server, with new features and improvements to benefit both administrators and end-users alike!


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Keep your Mail Server Running Smoothly with Today's MDaemon Update

By Brad Wyro posted in Product Update, MDaemon, Product Updates, New Version



To ensure MDaemon and its plugins provide the most up-to-date security and best performance, we often provide maintenance updates to help our customers get the most out of their business email and collaboration server.

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