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Year in Review - Our Top New Features of 2019

By Brad Wyro


Year in Review 2019


With 2019 coming to a close, I’d like to announce a few product updates. 2020 is going to be an exciting year for new features, but until then, we’ve made a few improvements in MDaemon, MDaemon Connector for Outlook, and Security Gateway for Email Servers.


New Security Features

Macro Detection in Email Attachments

A common tactic used by scammers to distribute malware is to send emails containing attachments with a message asking the user to enable macros. In fact, this tactic has been used extensively by the Emotenet botnet during its recent resurgence after a period of inactivity. Once enabled, these macros can unleash malware that destroys your data or infiltrates your network. To help protect users from these threats, a new option was added to MDaemon Antivirus and SecurityGateway to detect macros in documents scanned by Cyren AV and flag them as infected for further review by the administrator.

EN_SecurityGateway-Email-Spam-Firewall_Antivirus-Flag-Macro-2 (1) Antivirus Macro Detection


Authentication Failure & Frozen Account Reports

To help users maintain awareness of unauthorized account access attempts, a new setting was added to MDaemon’s Dynamic Screening feature to notify the user after a given number of failed authentication attempts or after the account has been frozen.


EN_MDaemon-Mail-Server_Security-Dynamic-Screening-Notifications (1) (1) Dynamic Screening Notifications

Regulations & Backup/Restore Features

Email Archiving in SecurityGateway

Any business that has lost data to a malware attack or suffered fines for not meeting regulatory requirements will benefit from a solid backup and recovery solution. To help businesses meet these needs, archiving was added to SecurityGateway. Advanced searching options make it easy to find archived messages based on the sender, recipient, message subject, message content, date range, attachment, and much more.


EN_SecurityGateway-Email-Spam-Firewall_Archiving-Enable (1)
Archiving in SecurityGateway for Email Servers


Email Journaling

Businesses that need to meet regulatory and compliance requirements or provide document retention for litigation requests can use SecurityGateway’s new Journaling feature. Journaling creates a backup copy of every email sent and received, along with a summary of the message’s sender, recipient, subject, and date, and stores it in a separate mailbox that cannot be accessed by end users.


EN_SecurityGateway-Email-Spam-Firewall_Journal-Reports (1) SecurityGateway Archive Journal Reports


New Data Leak Prevention Rules

Your data is your business’ most valuable asset, so if it lands in the wrong hands, it could lead to devastating financial losses as well as a loss of trust. To help businesses keep confidential data such as credit card numbers, Social Security numbers, and bank account numbers from being stolen over 60 new data leak prevention rules were added to SecurityGateway to protect against transmission of a wider variety of sensitive data.


Data Leak Prevention in SecurityGateway Data Leak Prevention in SecurityGateway



Saved Searches in MDaemon Webmail

Over the past year, we added new features to MDaemon Webmail to help users stay organized, including automatic creation of “All Unread” and All Flagged” saved searches. When you log into MDaemon Webmail, you’ll receive a pop-up message asking you if you’d like to create these saved searches. Simply confirm to add them to your folders list.


MDaemon-Webmail_Saved-Search-Prompt MDaemon Webmail - Saved Searches


Expired Webmail Session Notifications

If you’ve been logged into MDaemon Webmail for a period of time, you may not have noticed your session has expired. Beginning with MDaemon 19, MDaemon Webmail will display (EXPIRED) on the browser tab to help notify users that they’ve been logged out without having to switch tabs.


MDaemon-Webmail_Expired-Session (1)
Expired Session notification in MDaemon Webmail


New Mobile Theme for MDaemon Webmail

Most of us are using our phones more than we’re using our desktop to check email, and you shouldn’t have to sacrifice features for the convenience of anywhere access. To address these needs, MDaemon Webmail’s mobile theme has been redesigned with a more modern look, plus a variety of new features previously only found in desktop themes. New email management features include email templates, personalized categories, drag & drop email filters, an email signature editor with support for multiple signatures, deferred delivery, message snooze, message recall, and sorting options.

Calendar features for the new Mobile Webmail theme include importing and exporting in CSV or ICS (iCal) format, support for external calendars, private access links, simultaneous multi-calendar view, and much more.


MDaemon Webmail - New Mobile Theme
MDaemon Webmail - New Mobile Theme



Businesses with higher email usage environments will benefit from these new features for SecurityGateway.


64-Bit Version of SecurityGateway

This year, we added a 64-bit version of SecurityGateway. This allows 64-bit operating systems to take advantage of the extra processing power that’s achieved by allowing more operations to be performed at a time. The 64-bit version can handle a higher volume of active connections for improved performance.


External Database Support in SecurityGateway

External database support has been added to SecurityGateway, so you’re no longer limited to using the built-in Firebird database. When an external Firebird database is used, multiple items can access the database at the same time, which helps improve performance.



Support for Multiple SSL Certificates

In the past, when adding a new domain and host name to an existing MDaemon server, administrators had to remove and re-create the SSL certificate, or re-issue the third-party certificate. In 2019 we added support for Server Name Indication (SNI) to MDaemon. With SNI, each host name can have its own SSL certificate, which means you no longer have to delete and re-create existing certificates and share them among new domains/host names. Simply create the new SSL certificate & assign it to the new host name.


Centralized Management of Email Signatures

If your business allows users to create their own email signatures, you may have noticed there’s no consistency, with variations in text formatting, images, or overall layout of the signature. In MDaemon 19.5, we added support for centralized management of email signatures.


Central Management of Email Client Signatures Central Management of Email Client Signatures


More Features Coming Soon!

This is by no means an exhaustive list of all new features. Our developers have devoted countless hours to making MDaemon the best email and collaboration product on the market, and 2020 is going to be even more exciting, so check back for new features and updates!


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Brad Wyro

Written by Brad Wyro

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