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Introducing MailStore 13.2 – With Improved Performance & Much More!

By Brad Wyro

We’re pleased to announce the release of MailStore 13.2. This update comes with a significant boost in performance, resulting in a sizable increase in the maximum number of users supported in MailStore.

Read on for a rundown of the latest MailStore features!

New Performance-Enhancing Features

Businesses will be pleased with the improved performance introduced in MailStore 13.2, including:

  • Faster rebuilding of search indexes
  • Improved performance when reading recovery records
  • Performance-optimizing configuration options for archive stores (MailStore Server & MailStore SPE)

Archive stores are now created automatically for optimum performance

MailStore can now create new archive stores automatically without additional configuration by the administrator. The maximum size and amount of emails are now determined by MailStore Server automatically. However, to align with your backup routine, you can still limit the size that an archive store can reach before a new one is created automatically.

Automatic email archive creation in MailStore

MailStore Server Can Now Be Used by Businesses With up to 2,000 Users

With all of the performance improvements introduced in recent years, MailStore can now be used by businesses with up to 2000 users, which is a vast improvement over the previous 500 user recommendation.

Integrated Indexing of PDF Attachments

MailStore 13.2 includes integrated indexing of PDF attachments. This means administrators will no longer need to install external iFilters for these documents.

You can read the list of new features and enhancements here:

Visit our Downloads page to download MailStore 13.2!

MDaemon Technologies is an authorized U.S. distributor for MailStore.

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Brad Wyro

Written by Brad Wyro

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