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Got Employees Working From Home? How to Tighten Up Your Cyber Security

By Brad Wyro posted in Business Email Compromise, Data Leak Prevention, Email Privacy, Email Management, Phishing, Email Server



It’s OK, we understand. You thought you and your employees would all be safely back in the office by now. However, we’re all still adjusting to this new normal of exponentially more remote working – and exponentially more cyberattacks. Every day, hackers seek to exploit not only fear and insecurity caused by the pandemic, but the security loopholes created as more employees access their email and other work systems from remote devices. According to one report, streaming phishing sites saw an 85-percent increase from January to March, with more than 209 malicious websites being created every day. A record 25,000 confirmed phishing pages were created on March 19 alone!

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How to Secure Your Business Email as Healthcare Employees Work from Home

By Brad Wyro posted in Email Gateway How-To, Email Encryption, Email Management, Security Gateway for Email, Health Care Security


The COVID-19 crisis has changed the way we approach data privacy and email security. The necessary and accelerated transition to working from home has been accompanied by a growing surge of Coronavirus-themed phishing scams and spoofed websites used to distribute malware or lure victims into providing confidential information.


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Here’s How to Make Work Email Safer from Healthcare-Related Cybercrime

By Brad Wyro posted in Email Gateway How-To, Email Encryption, Email Management, Email Server, Health Care Security


The COVID-19 pandemic’s global spread has paved the way for threat actors to unleash the most widely-used cyber threat in recent memory. And healthcare entities are the most frequent target.


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Easy Backup & Recovery with MDaemon

By Brad Wyro posted in Email How To, Email Management, MDaemon Email Server, Email Server, Email Security Trends



MDaemon's user-friendly flat-file structure makes it easy to backup and recover your email messages, user accounts, security settings, and any other data stored in MDaemon. No extra Windows components or third-party applications are required, and you won't have to navigate through any confusing dialog boxes to backup & recover your data. Backing up and restoring MDaemon is as easy as drag & drop. All you would need to do is map a drive letter from the MDaemon server to another drive on your network, then drag over the files you want to back up.

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Protect Brand & Customers from Spear Phishing Using DKIM, SPF & DMARC

By Brad Wyro posted in Email Authentication, Email How To, Email Management, Spear Phishing

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