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MDaemon 23 Brings New Email Security and Collaboration Features

By Brad Wyro posted in Email Security, Email Collaboration, MDaemon Email Server, Product Updates, Collaboration, Email Software, Update, MDaemon Webmail


We’re excited to announce the release of MDaemon 23. This latest version of the trusted email server software includes highly-anticipated enhancements for integration with GMail and Microsoft 365, as well as administrative and usability improvements.

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How can Businesses Improve Email Security with Strong Passwords?

By Brad Wyro posted in Email Security, Passwords


Did you know that over 80 percent of company data breaches are caused by poor passwords?

According to a recent study:

  • Over 555 million passwords have been stolen by hackers in the last 5 years
  • 44% of users reuse their passwords across personal and business-related accounts
  • 31% of users have used their child’s name or birthday for their passwords

One of the biggest challenges for businesses is getting their users to use strong, unique passwords that are hard to guess, and this is made worse by the fact that users tend to reuse passwords across multiple accounts, making them an easier target for cybercriminals.

Tip: Click here to learn how to prevent MDaemon users from using passwords that have been found in a data breach

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How MSPs Can Have Greater Control Over Secure Email Gateways

By Kevin Beatty posted in Cloud, Data Leak Prevention, Email Security, Cybersecurity, Anti-Spoofing, Security Gateway for Email, Stop Spam Email, Anti-Virus, Email Server, External Email Threats, internal email threat, msp



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How to Select the Right Email Security Solution for Your MSP's Customers

By Kevin Beatty posted in Email How To, Email Security, Anti-Spoofing, Quarantine, Security Gateway for Email, Stop Spam Email, Anti-Virus, msp


Threat actors are continuing their assault on businesses, individuals, and Managed Service Providers (MSPs) this year, and email is still the top vector. As your clients turn to you for secure services, you need to make sure you have the right email security solution in place to protect your customers.

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Celebrating 25 Years!

By Kevin Beatty posted in MDaemon Email Server, Security Gateway for Email


Beating the Odds

In July of 2022, MDaemon Technologies (formerly Alt-N Technologies) celebrated a unique milestone for a software company: 25 years in business.

You are probably familiar with the statistics: the average lifespan of an American company is 11.5 years. For startup companies, less than 10% remain after ten years ( So how does a small software company in Texas defy the odds and compete against some of the largest companies in the email and security industry to build a loyal customer base that spans 140 countries? I know it sounds like a cliché, but listening to customers and providing an affordable, reliable product backed by great customer support have been the ingredients to our success.

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RelayFax EOL Notice

By Brad Wyro posted in Product Updates, Software, RelayFax


As part of a product's natural lifecycle, MDaemon Technologies has ended the development, sales, and support (free or paid) of its RelayFax software effective June 30, 2022.

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How to Enforce Strong Password Policies in MDaemon

By Brad Wyro posted in Email How To, Email Security


These days, hackers are gaining access to increasingly sophisticated tools to steal your usernames and passwords, and they know that people continue to use weak passwords for banking, utilities, and much more. In fact, even in 2022, did you know the word “password” is still among the top ten most common passwords?

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Why You Can’t Rely on Users to Keep Email Secure

By Brad Wyro posted in Email Authentication, Email Security, Anti-Spoofing, Security Gateway for Email, Stop Spam Email, Anti-Virus, insider threats


For hackers, it’s a numbers game. Three billion phishing emails are sent every day, but all they need is for one of them to find a willing victim and do damage to your network. 

If you leave email security up to users, you’re in a world of trouble.

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Introducing MDaemon 22 - with New Cyren Threat Lookup Service & More!

By Brad Wyro posted in MDaemon Email Server, Product Updates


We are pleased to announce the release of MDaemon Email Server version 22, with new email security features as well as usability improvements for administrators and end-users. Here’s a quick run-down of what’s new. A more in-depth overview can be found in the MDaemon release notes.

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Beyond Hackers: Identify and Mitigate Insider Threats to Your Data

By Brad Wyro posted in Data Leak Prevention, Email Security, Cybersecurity, Anti-Spoofing, Security Gateway for Email, Spear Phishing, Email Spoofing, Phishing, insider threats


Jean Patrice Delia was an engineer at GE when he decided to steal company data and use trade secrets, pricing information, marketing data, and other documents and funnel them to his business partner to compete against GE. After an FBI investigation, Delia was arrested and sentenced to two years in prison and ordered to pay $1.4 million in restitution. His business partner, Miguel Sernas, spent nearly a year in jail and was also ordered to pay $1.4 million. 

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