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Never Lose an Important Email: How to Track Messages in Security Gateway

By Brad Wyro posted in Email How To, How-To, SecurityGateway, Tutorial


Most of our customers are small-to-medium businesses with limited IT budgets across a variety of industries – including healthcare, education, manufacturing, and government. Having a limited IT budget often means having limited staff available for troubleshooting email or tracking down messages, so when considering which email gateway/spam filter you want for your business, one of the main criteria to consider is how easy it is to find messages for your users. Users who are expecting business-critical messages need to know ASAP what happened if that message is not delivered. With Security Gateway, it’s easy to find out if a message was rejected, quarantined or delivered. If it was rejected or quarantined, color-coded transcripts make it easy to determine exactly why the message was not delivered.

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Steps to Track Spam Sent Out From a Local Machine on Your Network

By Brad Wyro posted in Email How To, Email Security, Security, Anti-Spam, How-To, Tutorial, Spampot, Trending



Has this happened to you? Let’s say you’re the MDaemon administrator for your company, and you’ve noticed that somewhere, somehow, spam messages are being sent from within your network. Perhaps one of your PCs has been compromised. What do you do? Here are some tips to help you track the issue down.

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