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Why Choose On-premise Email over Microsoft 365? Six Security Benefits

By Brad Wyro

Having an on-premise mail server has many benefits in the areas of security, control, compliance, customization, and cost. Today, we focus on the security benefits.

With an on-premise email server, the administrator has direct control over all security measures implemented. This allows for greater customization and the ability to tailor security protocols to meet specific requirements and compliance standards.

The following are key areas where choosing an on-premise email server over hosted email can lead to security benefits for your business.

Data Control

With an on-premise email server, you have complete control over your data since it is hosted within your organization's physical infrastructure. This control can provide peace of mind for organizations that handle sensitive or confidential information and want to maintain direct oversight of their data.

An on-premise MDaemon server, for example, allows administrators to control where certain types of data, such as mailbox locations, log files, and public folders, are stored. Administrators can also control PGP encryption settings, such as whether to decrypt encrypted messages or leave them in their encrypted state on the mail server.

Custom Mailbox Locations in MDaemon Email  Server

Physical Security & Reduced Attack Surface

On-premise email servers are typically housed in secure data centers or facilities owned and managed by the organization. This physical control can prevent unauthorized access and reduce the risk of physical tampering or theft. By keeping your email server within your organization's private network, you can reduce the potential attack surface as it is not exposed to the internet. This can help mitigate certain external threats.

Isolation from External Networks

By hosting the email server on-premise, you can create an isolated environment with limited external exposure. This setup reduces the attack surface and minimizes the risk of external threats gaining access to the server.

Some businesses prefer a local mail server that is limited to the local network and is therefore only used to send internal email. MDaemon is well suited for this type of environment, with controls to block communications to or from outside domains.

Restricting mail to or from outside domains in MDaemon Email Server - Internal-only email

Compliance and Regulatory Requirements

Some organizations, especially those in highly regulated industries, may have specific compliance requirements that necessitate hosting data locally. By using an on-premise solution, they can better align with such regulations.

Custom Security Configurations

On-premise email servers offer greater flexibility in implementing custom security configurations tailored to the organization's unique needs. This level of customization can enhance security measures to suit specific threat landscapes.

For example, an on-premise MDaemon Email Server allows administrators to fully customize spam filter settings, including scoring settings and advanced SpamAssassin rules.

Administrators can also configure advanced content filtering rules, and customize email authentication, anti-abuse, and other security settings.

DMARC Anti-Spoofing Settings in MDaemon Email Server

Reduced Dependency on Third-Party Providers

Relying on an on-premise email server means reduced dependency on third-party providers like Microsoft. This independence can be advantageous for organizations concerned about vendor lock-in or relying on external providers for their essential communication services.

As Microsoft 365 and other cloud email solutions continue to be prime targets for hackers, businesses may find an on-premise email server such as MDaemon to be a more secure email and collaboration solution.

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Brad Wyro

Written by Brad Wyro

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