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Introducing SecurityGateway™ 10 - with QR Code Detection, Custom Reports & More!

By Brad Wyro

We're excited to announce the release of SecurityGateway 10, with some exciting new features and enhancements. Read on to learn more!

Custom Charts & Reports

Administrators can now create custom charts and reports on the dashboard. These reports can include messaging and bandwidth information based on the sending domain, receiving domain, message delivery result, and more, over a designated period of time.



QR Code Detection

Spam and phishing emails often contain QR codes intended to bypass spam filters and other security features. SecurityGateway can now detect and take action if a QR code image is attached to a message. Messages containing QR codes can be refused, quarantined for administrator review, or delivered with a special tag inserted into the message subject for content filtering on the mail server.



Abusix Mail Intelligence™ Support

SecurityGateway now includes support for Abusix Mail Intelligence - a suite of curated DNSRBLs (lists of known sources of spam) designed to block over 99% of spam email messages.

Other Improvements for SecurityGateway 10

  • We’ve added a new log file that logs failed authentication attempts.
  • CPU &  memory counters have been added to the administrative dashboard for the SecurityGateway, SpamAssassin, Ikarus AV, and ClamAV processes.
  • Let’s Encrypt configuration settings have been added to simplify the process of manual creation, validation, signing, installation & renewal of certificates.
For a complete list of new features & updates, please see the SecurityGateway Release Notes.


Brad Wyro

Written by Brad Wyro

Brad has worked in technical and marketing roles at MDaemon Technologies, where he contributes as Content Marketing Manager. Brad balances technical and creative information to develop easy to understand videos and content to educate prospects and customers.


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