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MDaemon Technologies Helps Specialty Retailer “Fix It and Forget It”

By Brad Wyro

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As a small business, what do you do when the big players in a mission-critical industry such as email don’t meet your business’ needs? You find a cost-effective, easy-to-use solution with great customer service – the kind developed by an industry expert. That’s how MDaemon Technologies came to be the email security provider for one specialty retailer in Texas.

Easy to Use, Cost-Effective

As one of the nation’s largest billiard and game room furniture retailers, the company has grown to include 10 retail stores (with more opening within a year) and multiple distribution centers in their 47 years. Even so, it’s a truly family-run business under the stewardship of the second generation owners.

Like small business executives everywhere, the retailer's director of IT and eCommerce wears a lot of hats. He’s responsible for every step of the customer experience, including everything from warehouse and inventory issues to marketing and sales,  and the eCommerce platform.

“I’m the only IT guy, so it’s really important that our email security be a ‘set it and forget it’ kind of operation,” he said. “I appreciate vendor partners who know how a small business really runs.”

"Set it and Forget it" Email Protection

Office 365 User Verification in Security Gateway for Email

When he first joined the staff four years ago, the director's predecessors were running their own proprietary email server, so he migrated to Microsoft’s Office 365. The move made sense for their environment and the applications they needed to use. However, he recognizes that Office 365 is now an even more popular target for cybercriminals trying to spread phishing and ransomware attacks.

“We’re never going to have a full IT team, so the products we use need to make sense, even to non-IT people,” he said. “And you’ve got to have an email filter. You can’t rely on Microsoft’s filter.”

An Easy-to-Use Alternative to Mimecast

The retailer used Mimecast for a couple of years, but he found the interface complicated and the performance left him frustrated. “We were using Mimecast because it was the easy choice,” he said. “But when it came time to renew, I wanted to know if there was a better and more cost-effective approach to email security.”

The director’s research brought him to reviews of Security Gateway for Email Servers. After two demonstrations and a series of conversations about coordination between Office 365 in the cloud and the retailer’s multiple domains, the business made the conversion from Mimecast to Security Gateway.

Reliable Customer Support Makes Migration Easy

“MDaemon’s technicians did a great job,” he said. “I relied on their team to set it up, and now, other than the normal administrative things, I don’t have to worry about Security Gateway. It’s a very cost-effective email security solution that works.”

Security Gateway for Email - Message Log

The director reports that Security Gateway's untuitive, web-based interface is easy to use, and he particularly likes how effortless it is to track inbound and outbound emails. “My first test is, did the gateway see it. The email logs in Security Gateway are much easier than Exchange or Mimecast,” he said.

“MDaemon Technologies responds right away, and they’re not afraid to pick up a phone. I just call and their team takes care of it. There are no endless rounds of emails with eight hours in between.
It’s all I could ask for.”

Visit our SecurityGateway product page to learn more!


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Brad Wyro

Written by Brad Wyro

Brad has worked in technical and marketing roles at MDaemon Technologies, where he contributes as Content Marketing Manager. Brad balances technical and creative information to develop easy to understand videos and content to educate prospects and customers.


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