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Security Gateway’s Archiving and Cloud-Based Email Integration Update!

By Brad Wyro



When it comes to email archiving, businesses require features that go beyond simple message replication in order to meet expanding regulations. And because every email solution, whether it’s on-premises or in the cloud, needs strong anti-spam/anti-malware filtering, it makes sense to combine archiving and security into a single product. To address the growing demand for a combined email security/archiving solution, archiving was added to Security Gateway for Email Servers in version 6.0.


Security Gateway’s Integrated Archiving Just Got a Lot Better!

With Security Gateway 6.1, the integrated archiving feature received a major upgrade with these new features for legal compliance and cloud email integration:


Legal Hold

Security Gateway’s new Legal Hold feature will prevent emails from being deleted from the archive, regardless of any other settings, user permissions, or retention periods.

Legal Hold - Security Gateway for Email Servers Legal Hold - Security Gateway for Email Servers


Minimum Archive Retention Period

Businesses must meet a variety of data retention laws, and these laws vary by country or region. In the United States, many businesses must store archived emails in compliance with the following laws and retention policies:
  • IRS Regulations (for all companies) – 7 Years
  • Sarbanes Oxley Act (SOX – For all public companies) – 7 Years
  • Freedom of Information Act (FOIA – Federal, state & local agencies) – 3 Years
  • Department of Defense Regulations (for contractors) – 3 Years
  • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) – 7 Years

To meet these and other growing regulations, administrators can assign a minimum retention period for all archived email messages. During this time, archived messages cannot be deleted regardless of any other settings or user permissions.

Email Retention Period - Security Gateway for Email Servers Email Retention Period - Security Gateway for Email Servers


Improved Cloud/Hosted Email Integration for Microsoft Office 365 & Azure

Security Gateway’s automatic user creation feature helps reduce administrator workload by verifying whether an email sent to or from a local domain contains a valid email address, and then automatically adding the account once the email address has been verified.  With Security Gateway 6.1, this process has gotten much easier for businesses using cloud email services, with a new option to verify users by querying Microsoft Office 365 or Azure Active Directory.

Office 365 & Azure User Verificatioin - Security Gateway for Email Servers Office 365 & Azure User Verification - Security Gateway for Email Servers


Other New Features

Other new features for Security Gateway include:

  • Whitelist & Blacklist Search - A search field was added to the Whitelist and Blacklist screens to help administrators find listed email addresses more easily.
  • Quarantine reports can now be sorted by score. This makes it easier to identify false-positives, which will likely have lower scores.

For the complete list of updates, please see the Security Gateway release notes.

If you aren’t yet protecting your business email with Security Gateway for Email Servers, visit the Security Gateway product page for an overview of its features, or visit the Download page to download a free trial!

Security Gateway Hosted/Cloud services are also available.


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Brad Wyro

Written by Brad Wyro

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