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Aviation Fuel Supplier Takes Flight With MDaemon Email Server

By Brad Wyro

MDaemon's more cost-effective solution beats Microsoft Exchange’s reliability with less effort

When a global aviation supplier encountered reliability and usability issues with Microsoft Exchange, they implemented the MDaemon Email Server with MDaemon Connector for Outlook. Since then, the global supplier has experienced close to 100% uptime year-over-year, and their IT team appreciates MDaemon’s ease of use.

Located in southeast Michigan, the supplier serves the global aviation industry with a wide range of solutions to support the safe, convenient and timely movement of people and goods. The company considers its strength to be its knowledgeable, insightful staff as well as its professional protocols that are constantly reviewed and retooled – therefore, using unreliable and inefficient email services goes directly against the high standard of service they expect to provide to their clients.

The company has about 850 employees in 23 locations. Their email provider, which they found to be unreliable, was Microsoft Exchange.

“We love the ease of use and functionality compared to Exchange"

“Since a majority of our employees are seasonal or part-time, we needed to be able create accounts quickly, which can be cumbersome in Microsoft Exchange,” said their IT support specialist. “In addition, since we’d also been having reliability issues with Exchange, we were looking for an email service that provides great reliability.”

MDaemon Email Server - Account Manager

Instead of hosting another Exchange server, the supplier chose MDaemon Email Server for its excellent reliability at a much lower cost. They also implemented ActiveSync, MDaemon AntiVirus, and MDaemon Connector for Outlook.

MDaemon offers strong email security and encryption functions, including multiple spam filtering analyses, account hijack detection, dynamic screening to project against hackers, and encryption using OpenPGP. It also includes email archiving, mobile device management with ActiveSync policies and remote device wipe, web-based remote administration, a feature-packed webmail client, Instant Messenger via standard XMPP, and easy migration from Microsoft Exchange and other email servers – all in one simple download.

“We love the ease of use and functionality compared to Exchange,” the IT specialist said. “One of the most convenient features is that you can change the mailbox name of an individual, but the emails that were associated with the previous mailbox name are still associated.

“Also, thanks to the import and export by .csv feature in MDaemon, we have implemented weekly automated account generation,” he continued. “Since we no longer have to create accounts manually and generate random passwords for each new account, we can allocate around two hours a week to other tasks.”

MDaemon Account Import from CSV

The supplier also appreciates the documentation and online forums for MDaemon, which they have accessed to quickly fine-tune features and solve any issues. For example, the specialist says they appreciated the guidance around removing an IP address because the dynamic screening feature had blocked a user that attempted to sign in too many times with the wrong password.

“Since using MDaemon, we’ve experienced close to 100% uptime year-over-year"

What about the need for increased reliability?

“Since using MDaemon, we’ve experienced close to 100% uptime year-over-year,” he said. “This would not be the case if we had decided to stay with our previous solution. Our MDaemon uptime is 99.98%.”

“Our employees find the web interface very convenient and easy to use. They've also been able to add MDaemon to their smartphone without issue, which is very helpful for a 24-7 business operation that deals with emergency services and government agencies.”

Better reliability, more ease of use and higher functionality – all at a fraction of the cost of either Office 365 Business Essentials or Microsoft Exchange Standard.

“MDaemon saves us a significant amount of money compared to Microsoft Exchange,” the specialist said. “MDaemon has been great for us, and I would definitely recommend it to another IT colleague.”

MDaemon is one of the most widely used email servers in the world, trusted by customers in over 140 countries to meet the needs of their small to medium sized businesses. Our reliable and secure email server does not require expensive administration or impose high per-user costs. It simplifies messaging and collaboration requirements with an intuitive, user-friendly design - offering enterprise-class features that can be managed with minimal training and support.

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Brad Wyro

Written by Brad Wyro

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