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New Security & Administration Features for MDaemon Email Server

By Brad Wyro

With every new version of MDaemon, we've added new security and administration features to facilitate better collaboration and to protect businesses from the latest email-borne threats.


If you're running a version older than MDaemon 21, you're missing out on these recently-added features:

MDaemon 21

• Strong, Randomly Generated Application Passwords

• Blocked Connection Reports (Dynamic Screening)

• Password strength meters

App passwords in MDaemon Webmail
App passwords in MDaemon Webmail

MDaemon 22

• The Cyren GlobalView™cloud service for MDaemon AntiVirus.

• Password Requirements Checklist in MDaemon Webmail

• TLS 1.3 Support (The latest security protocols)

Password strength meter in MDaemon Webmail
Password Requirements Checklist in MDaemon Webmail

MDaemon 23

• Google Drive Integration for MDaemon Webmail

• OAuth 2.0 for Seamless Integration with Gmail and Microsoft 365

• Easy Appointment Booking & Calendar Publishing

• Artificial Intelligence (AI) Email Assist in MDaemon Webmail

• Passwordless Authentication for MDaemon Webmail & Remote Administration

Passwordless sign-in - MDaemon Webmail
Passwordless Sign-in  - MDaemon Webmail

MDaemon 24

• ARC (Authenticated Received Chain) to verify forwarded messages or messages from mailing lists

• Temporary Link Creation for MDaemon Webmail

• Improved Language Support for non-ASCII characters

MDaemon Webmail - Temporary Link
Temporary Links - MDaemon Webmail

Ready to start using these great new features? Click here to Download MDaemon 24!


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Brad Wyro

Written by Brad Wyro

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