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Lessons from Data Breaches Improve Work From Home Security

By Brad Wyro posted in Data Leak Prevention, Data Loss Prevention, Email, Email Security, Malware, OpenPGP, Spam, Two-Factor Authentication, Work From Home



2020 has been a banner year for cybercriminals. They have stolen billions of dollars and data on billions of individuals by preying on widespread fear and uncertainty brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Encrypting vs. Signing with OpenPGP. What’s the Difference?

By Brad Wyro posted in Email Gateway, Email How To, Email Security, Encryption, OpenPGP, Email Encryption



Many businesses are responsible for maintaining large amounts of confidential data, including customer records, medical records, financial reports, legal documents, and much more. It’s very common for these types of information to be transmitted via email. So how can you ensure confidential data transmitted via email is kept private? How can you ensure the integrity of transmitted data?

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Your Unencrypted Data is a Gold Mine for Hackers

By Brad Wyro posted in Email Security, Encryption, PGP, OpenPGP, Virtru



How often have you heard someone say “If you’re not doing anything illegal, then you have nothing to hide?” When asked this, I tend to respond with, “OK, then how about you give me the login credentials for all of your email accounts, including the ones you use for personal use?” I think of this as analogous to allowing a stranger to walk around in your house. Hey, it’s OK as long as you’ve got nothing to hide, right? The point is that, no matter what is contained in our electronic data, most of us want peace of mind in knowing that it isn’t being accessed by unauthorized individuals.

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Server-side Encryption, Decryption & Key Management with OpenPGP

By Brad Wyro posted in Email, Email How To, Email Security, Encryption, FERPA, PGP, Security, OpenPGP, Mdpgp, HIPAA



Whether you work in health care, finance, government, or any other field that requires the storage of data, there's always someone out there who would love to gain access to your confidential records. Don't let the bad guys steal your data. Protect it with server-side encryption. Our latest release of MDaemon supports OpenPGP, which allows MDaemon to perform encryption, decryption, and key management tasks. Learn how to enable OpenPGP support in MDaemon, and how to send encrypted mail in our latest video.

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