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Easy Backup & Recovery with MDaemon

By Brad Wyro posted in Backup, Configuration Files, Email How To, File Structure, MDaemon, Recovery, Restore, Trending



MDaemon's user-friendly flat-file structure makes it easy to backup and recover your email messages, user accounts, security settings, and any other data stored in MDaemon. No extra Windows components or third-party applications are required, and you won't have to navigate through any confusing dialog boxes to backup & recover your data. Backing up and restoring MDaemon is as easy as drag & drop. All you would need to do is map a drive letter from the MDaemon server to another drive on your network, then drag over the files you want to back up.

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Setting up MDaemon for Failover / High-Availability

By Brad Wyro posted in Backup, Email How To, Failover, MDaemon, Redundancy, Restore, High Availability, Trending



In today’s business environment, business-critical processes rely heavily on networked applications to be productive. When a failure occurs, productivity is lost, and this often translates into lost revenue for the company. This is especially true of email. To address these issues, companies can implement a high availability/failover strategy. Some of our MDaemon users have asked for information on setting up failover for their email infrastructure, so we’ve put together a guide to help MDaemon administrators achieve this.

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