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Kevin runs Marketing, Sales, and Business Development for MDaemon Technologies. His passion for connecting with people has taken him around the globe to build strong relationships with customers and business partners.
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Celebrating 25 Years!

By Kevin Beatty posted in MDaemon Email Server, Security Gateway for Email


Beating the Odds

In July of 2022, MDaemon Technologies (formerly Alt-N Technologies) celebrated a unique milestone for a software company: 25 years in business.

You are probably familiar with the statistics: the average lifespan of an American company is 11.5 years. For startup companies, less than 10% remain after ten years ( So how does a small software company in Texas defy the odds and compete against some of the largest companies in the email and security industry to build a loyal customer base that spans 140 countries? I know it sounds like a cliché, but listening to customers and providing an affordable, reliable product backed by great customer support have been the ingredients to our success.

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Users Love SecurityGateway™ for Email Servers in G2's Winter Reports

By Kevin Beatty posted in Data Leak Prevention, Email Security, Cybersecurity, Anti-Spoofing, Security Gateway for Email, Anti-Virus


G2 just released their Winter 2022 badges, and SecurityGateway™ for Email Servers continues to rank at the top of the Secure Email Gateway Software category.

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MDaemon Email Server Earns Top Spot on G2 Winter Email Software Review

By Kevin Beatty posted in Business Email, MDaemon Email Server, Email Software, Microsoft 365 Exchange Alternative, Email Software Reviews


MDaemon Email Server Earns Top Spot on G2's Best Email Software Awards

G2 just released their Winter 2022 badges, and MDaemon Email Server continues to rank at the top of the Email Software category and a top alternative to Microsoft Exchange.

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Email @ 50 The First Killer App

By Kevin Beatty posted in Email Security, Email Software


The First Email Sent

Ray Tomlinson reportedly sent the first network message from computer to computer on October 29, 1971. His development work on the evolving ARPANET (Advanced Research Projects Agency Network), a government-funded network to connect various research facilities, would be the perfect environment for his experiment.

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2020 Year in Review

By Kevin Beatty posted in Industry Insight, Email Security Trends



Wow, what a year!

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